Potenza, 25.02.2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues, the pandemic-related international emergency is far from going back to normality, as we were optimistically expecting last year. Considering the growing restrictions for international travel and the high risk of potential […]

Potenza, 24.12.2020

Greeting from Tidalites 2021. In these difficult times for many countries of the world, the Tidalites 2021’s Organizing Committee would like to wish you happy holidays, but above all, in full health. We take this […]

Potenza, 6.9.2020

Tidalites 2021. Following the original schedule, the 10th International Congress of Tidal Sedimentology would have been held during the last few days. For sure, we could have benefited from beautiful weather conditions, here in southern Italy. […]

Potenza 25.5.2020

Announcement of the new dates for Tidalites 2021. After the postponement of Tidalites 2020 due to the pandemic crisis that has affected Italy and many other countries in the World, we are glad to announce […]

Potenza, 21.02.2020

Postponement of Tidalites due to the Coronavirus world emergence. Because of the growing concern related with the diffusion of the Coronavirus, and the consequent isolation of an important part of the scientific community that traditionally […]

Field Trip T1 – Messina Strait

Pre-Congress Field Trip 30 April – 2 May 2022 Tidal sedimentary dynamics of the Early Pleistocene Messina Strait (southern Italy) based on its modern analogue D. Chiarella (Royal Holloway University, London, UK) S.G. Longhitano (University […]

Field Trip T2 – Bonifacio Strait

Pre-Congress Field Trip 30 April – 2 May 2022 A Miocene Mediterranean Strait: The Bonifacio Formation, Southern Corsica Jean-Yves Reynaud (University of Lille Nord de France)Michelle Ferrandini (Université de Corse Pascal Paoli, France) Precedente Successivo […]

Field Trip T3 – Southern Apennine

Pre-Congress Field Trip 30 April – 2 May 2022 The sedimentary response of mixed (lithoclastic-bioclastic) shallow-marine systems to tides and waves in the rock record of southern Italy M. Tropeano (University of Bari, Italy)D. Chiarella […]

Field Trip T4 – Venice Lagoon

Post-Congress Field Trip 6-9 May 2022 Morphodynamics and sedimentary processes in salt marshes and tidal channels of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) Massimiliano Ghinassi (University of Padova, Italy)Andrea D’Alpaos (University of Padova, Italy)Alvise Finotello (University Ca’ Foscari of […]

Field Trip T5 – Siderno Basin

Post-Congress Field Trip 6-9 May 2022 From marginal to axial tidal-strait facies in the lower Pleistocene Siderno Strait Valentina M. Rossi (IGG-CNR, Italy)Sergio G. Longhitano (University of Basilicata, Italy)Domenico Chiarella (Royal Holloway University, London, UK)Donatella […]